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1 month ago

Master the Battlefield with New Passive Skills in Titan Hunters
As Titan Hunters continues to evolve, new updates bring exciting changes to gameplay dynamics. The latest set of updates introduces three new passive skills that can significantly alter how players engage with the colossal Titans.



Unstoppable: A Game-Changer for Damage Resistance
The new "Unstoppable" passive skill proves that resilience can be as vital as strength in the heat of battle. This skill activates as players lose health; with every 10% HP decrement, they gain an impressive 10-35% damage resistance. This mechanism not only enhances survival as health wanes but also encourages bold strategies against formidable adversaries.

Front Shots: Multiply Your Offensive
Meanwhile, "Front Shots" adds a new layer to the offensive tactics available to players. This skill grants an addition of two projectiles in the forward direction, each dealing between 30-80% damage. It's an ideal skill for players looking to enhance their assault capabilities, especially when facing blockers among the Titan ranks.

Ricochet: The Art of Bouncing Bullets
Lastly, the "Ricochet" skill offers a thrilling twist to shooting mechanics. Bullets now have the ability to bounce from one enemy to another, inflicting extra damage with each ricochet. This skill pairs exceptionally well with other projectile-enhancing abilities like Diagonal, Side, Multi, and Rear Shots, allowing for complex and deadly combinations.


These enhancements not only promise to refresh the game's tactical depth but also align perfectly with various playing styles. Whether you prefer to charge head-on into battle or take down your foes with calculated shots from a distance, these skills ensure that every player can find their path to becoming a legendary Titan Hunter.

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