League of Kingdoms Chronicle Unveiled: A New Chapter Begins!

4 months ago

Embark on an epic adventure with the launch of League of Kingdoms Chronicle (LOKC), an RPG game set in the expansive LOKA universe. While League of Kingdoms focuses on grand kingdom-scale warfare, LOKC zooms in on the daring adventurers safeguarding the vulnerable population in an increasingly dangerous world.

In LOKC, you'll command a group of brave heroes, risking their lives for honor, glory, and treasures. What makes this experience even more exciting is the seamless interoperability with LOK assets, including Drago, Land, and LOKA tokens.


Stay tuned for regular updates every Tuesday and Friday as the Chronicles unfold, revealing a world filled with epic quests, mythical creatures, and uncharted territories. Your actions in LOK will have a direct impact on the fate of your adventurers in LOKC.

Prepare for an immersive journey and get ready to make your mark on the League of Kingdoms Chronicle!