Honeyland Announces Airdrop Distribution

1 month ago

Hexagon Studios announces a multi-million dollar HXD gift for Honeyland players. Top 5000 players on the Airdrop Leaderboard can earn tokens by playing the game.

To earn referral points, invitees need to reach Level 7 and become Certified Beekeepers, verified through facial scanning, available in May.

Airdrop Multipliers Period (Apr 8 - May 9) offers bonus points by playing, referring, and completing tasks.

Players reaching Level 15 can claim all bonus points.


From May 10 to May 31, focus on Season Milestones and daily tasks for points. Points are tracked on the Airdrop Leaderboard and in-game with the Airdrop Pass.

Airdrop Rewards Period starts on June 1, revealing allocations for the top 5000 players.

For information, please visit our Honeyland