Excitement Peaks with a 10,000 AXS Prize Pool!

1 month ago

March 23, 2024, by Akira Ming - The inaugural season of the Axie Classic Guild Leaderboards has launched, with guilds worldwide competing for a slice of the 10,000 AXS prize pool until April 12th. Guilds earn points through various challenges in this intense three-week competition, aiming for the top in the Cursed Coliseum and the Grand Tournament Knockout Phase.

Guilds battle for Placement Points crucial for future Guild Wars qualifications.
A new Currency Donation feature allows members to support each other.


Top 20 guilds will be rewarded with AXS tokens, distributed based on rankings and Contribution Points.

Prize Breakdown:

1st: 2000 AXS;

2nd: 1350 AXS;

3rd: 800 AXS;

4th to 5th: 600-500 AXS;

6th to 10th: 400 AXS;

11th to 20th: 250-300 AXS.

Guilds are competing not only for rewards but for honor and recognition in the Axie universe. 

For information, please visit our Axie infinity